New Rank Shapes

We have released 11 new rank shapes in our shop, as well as 2 new rank shapes exclusive to Boosters. Boosters get 100 coins per month per boost, so if someone has 2 boosts in your chat, they can get the crown in less than a year (if nothing else catches their eye) — this is response to feedback we’ve received that we should have a large prize for long-term boosters, as a thanks for their continued support of their community. A sparkly crown seemed to fit the bill quite nicely!

All of the new rank shapes will appear in the “New!” category until Monday, May 6th (midnight GMT), at which point they will join the standard daily rotation. So if you see one you like, pick one soon!

And, as a thanks to our users who have used our service for nearly seven years now, we want to know: Of the 11 new rank shapes, which one is your favorite? Reply with your answer, and you just might receive a gift!


Hello, hope to have good time. The shapes of rank are really great. It’s been more than five month since I’ve been waiting for the shape of cat and donut. Fortunately, today I see many other acceptable shapes. Your work is also great. Good luck.:pouting_cat::heart_eyes_cat::joy_cat::smiley_cat::cat2::doughnut::doughnut::doughnut::doughnut::doughnut:


Thank you :slight_smile:

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Love the duck shape & also the music notes. But would like to see a microphone shape for us DJ’s. Thanks


the cat is cute

Donut is great.

I love the paw print!!!

All of them are cool ig idk :skull:

Thanks Rayeha cute cat

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I love them all. I currently use the diamond one, but I really like “Chatter” and the donut one.

Thank you everyone for your feedback. We’ve given your favorite rank shapes to your account, or sent you some coins if you weren’t specific.

Stay tuned to the Shop for new exciting emoji, rank shapes, & more, coming soon!