Favorite emoji?

We’re now over a month into the rollout of our new emoji. The new emoji (powered by SVG) are more efficient, allow for smoother animations, and scale great on high-resolution displays. They also adopt a more modern look — although, minnit.chat/emoji offers the Classic head style + eye style, for those who prefer it!

So I’d like to hear from you: Of the new emoji, which is your favorite? Which is the favorite of your users? Whether it’s the disco, the ability to finally shrug, the peace sign, I’d love to hear it.

Let me know your favorites, and I’ll hand out some coins to a few lucky respondents :)


My favorite new emoji is either the dance or the disco, I love how the dance is animated and the disco is just a good funny emoji. The shrug is also good, ive been waiting for that emoji for a while. Great update tho.

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I like how you’re rolling out thematic emojis/smilies (why use the Japanese term) for chats with specific centers of interest. Of course our fave is the radio theme as we are a a WEB radio site…


All the emoji’s are great, but i think if an owner of the chat buys the emoji packs they should be available for all users of that specific chat, apart from that keep up the good work. Our listeners love the interaction, and have done for a good many yrs now. Best embed chat by far without paying an arm n a leg

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Probally the ban emoji and the angel emoji

The new emojis look much better

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We originally called them smilies when we launched. But lots of other platforms, as well as our users, kept saying emoji. And, as they say… https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/if_you_can’t_beat_them,_join_them

Thanks! Some folks prefer the old style. I can see it both ways; the new ones look more modern and what folks expect, but the old ones had a bit of a charm to them.

The smaller eyes of the new ones give us more room to create new hairdos, hats, accessories, & more, and helps Minnit look modern. So that design won out. The old ones will always have a place in my heart though, the first set of emoji I ever deployed!

Thanks to everyone else for your responses thus far! Keep them coming, I like knowing which emoji are the best so I can make more like that :)

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I love the pony tail hair!

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I like peace sign and disco they look so cool especially peace sign it has tons of great energy in it… I also like shrug because instead of saying “idk” you can put shrug or say both! :star_struck:

I also really love the ban emoji its so cute so is the angel,pecesign,aaand shrug and disco

So far I’ve liked how they looked they defiantly improved, I really like the one with the peace sign that one is definitely my favorite and the one sticking its tongue out and the one looks around those are my favorite so, anyways keep up the work :]

Thumbs up is missing & my favorite is the dancing emoji



I like the new emoji, but I also liked the old emoji :slight_smile:

I request Goth smiley pack and Devil/Witch emoji pack :)

Eu gosto de todos são todos lindos

my favorite emoji is disco


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I like them

The new default emoji’s are mostly non-animated. I prefer the old one’s. So do many of my chatters. Perhaps add some more music and dance emoji’s

I think the best emoji is the skull

Greetings and respect to each member of the group, I am happy to be among you, and thanks to Mr. Jesse for his gift, the emojis are very beautiful, one is better than the other, I like animated stickers more and similar stickers to the profile Mr. Jesse, who is thinking, thank you, good luck to all of you, I wish you all the best, always be the best

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