Favorite emoji?

Hey there,

Everyone seems to like the new emojis and of course, they have their favourites, but my favourite is all of them. My friends used to shun using emojis because they looked “sub-par” and “uglier than a grandma” but now that the emojis have changed we use them every day! Thank you minnit, we all appreciate the change.


Hello Jesse,
Its Very Nice I Like Them All :wink:

Thanks for the feedback, everyone! I’ve given out coins to all who replied. :)

To use your coins to get new emoji, see https://minnit.chat/shop

Or if you’re feeling generous, give the coins to your users — see https://minnit.chat/giftcoins

If you own an organization, the things you purchase in the Shop will also be available on your associated organization account as well.

Any questions, contact support

Happy chatting!

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