Using metadata images in lieu of Bot avatar

My Minnit chat is used on a web radio station and our Azuracast server recently added a feature where a photo of the live streamer is displayed in lieu of standard song/album image during live streams. This works great on the Azuracast dedicated player as seen below;

I imagine that this image is contained within the Shoutcast metadata and should be displayable elsewhere with appropriate coding.

My question; is it at all possible/desirable to replace the Bot avatar with metadata images and display them on song announcements within the chat???

Such a feature could also be made switchable in the Minnit dashboard or even automated to kick in only on live broadcast…

Interesting idea.

The stream metadata (e.g. [yourdomain]:8000/7.html) is currently outputting:

14,1,23,200,14,128,Les Baronets - Voila Que Revien Le Pere Noel - TiDan en onde

Doesn’t seem to contain any profile photos or other images.

We’ll definitely keep our eyes peeled for more relevant fields to utilize in the Bot in the future when & if they become available. But this one doesn’t seem to be available just yet…

Ok… I thought that image would be transmitted via the metadata. Normally our server fetches the images at a service like Lastfm or other which is then displayed in the player. The last Azuracast update gave us the ability to customize that process and allow us to display the streamer’s photo in lieu of song art. Would be a nice touch if we could partake of that on the chat.
Thanks for you attention all the same!