Sneak Preview of the New Emoji

I’ve been working on the new emoji, alongside other updates (including ones that have yet to be released!), and I feel like now is a good time to share what I have so far.

So, without further ado…

Our emoji are built from the ground up to be compatible with all of our customization options, using a proprietary “SVG-rendered-by-JavaScript” approach. JavaScript will go through and set the eye color, emoji color, add in any hats/accessories, and so forth.

For us, this means we’ll be able to create new emoji assets in Inkscape or similar programs, and then easily be able to release that. This means new emoji & accessories will be added more frequently!

We already have several new emoji done, too, such as the “:no_mouth:” emoji pictured (which I call “oop”). So, once this releases, you’ll immediately have more emoji for you and your chatters.

There are still several things that must be done, such as all of the accessories/hats. Stay tuned for more updates!