Remade The Minnit Logo

I recently made a “upgraded” version of the minnit logo. This is just a little fun project I made for myself. If you have any suggestions let me know please!

Honestly, if I remade the Minnit logo I would get rid of the clock arms completely. Have a big bold M in the middle, and the lines around representing time can stay. Of course, the M would need to be either custom or an adjusted sans serif. This would make it simple, clean, and easily recognizable. Not only that, but it would allow for universal flexibility as a logo much like Google’s.

I just happened to come across an old logo from before we launched:

After soliciting feedback I eventually changed it to the design we all know today.

If I had to remake it though, I’d get rid of the gradient and dim the lines a bit. This is just a quick mockup, haven’t tested it in various sizes or anything to make sure it looks good:


The fact that people can see it and recognize “M” and “Clock” makes it great for a company called Minnit, “a fast and easy way to get a chat set up”! So I’d hate to deviate too far from that, although I do admit I’m biased…