Allow Spotifiy Use For Radio Would Like To Play My Playlist For my radio Instead of iheart or tunein


Thanks for the suggestion — I definitely agree that Spotify playlists in the chat would be great.

I got this working locally to try it out, but seems there’s a major issue: Spotify only lets you listen to a 30-second preview of a few of the songs in the playlist. It then skips to the next song, and eventually interrupts your listening and encourages you to switch to the Spotify app:

You can see this yourself by going to the embed URL they generate, and trying to listen:

I understand Spotify adheres to strict music license agreements, so I don’t blame them for only allowing previews to be added to other websites — this is just how the music industry is set up.

All of this in mind, Minnit won’t be able to release this as a feature. It wouldn’t be a great experience for users, and having everyone listening to a different snippet wouldn’t encourage connectivity like other radio stations offer, nor would it be enjoyable for users to be limited to just listening to 30-second previews.

Regardless, thank you for the suggestion! if you have any more ideas, please feel free to share them, we’re always happy to try new things out.

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