Powered by Minnit

We saw recently how you tried to place ‘Powered by MINNIT’ message, first at bottom, then at top of the chatroom. Why do you feel a need for this since it could easily be taken care of in the embed script as seen below;

Clicking this last message should redirect to your main website >> (https://minnit.chat/)

The idea was that the “Powered by Minnit” icon would only appear when a chatroom on the Free tier was relatively active, whereas standard HTML would always show (& help for SEO).

People don’t really seem to like it though, so maybe it’s time for another “drawing board” session… :thinking: Removed for now

Like it or not, you retain the right to display your brand on your products…

Whenever you turn off the ‘Powered by Minnit’ thingy, it leaves a 2-3 pixel gap below the text input window;

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Seems like it was a result of using CSS to handle textbox sizing: https://twitter.com/Minnit/status/1527913747272056837

Fixed now. Thanks for the heads up.


Gap is ba-a-a-ck! LOL