Posting to offline users

Why is it NOT possible to send images to an offline user via DM while sending text messages is possible?

To combat abuse, the policy for uploads is:

  1. If both users are online and in the same chatroom, it uses the chatroom settings
  2. If the recipient has added the sender as a friend, the sender can upload anything, even if one party is offline

However per this thread I’ve added the following (requires refresh for the frontend portion):

  1. If the chatroom is on a paid tier, the recipient has not added the sender as a friend, and the sender is a mod/manager/owner, then the sender can still send uploads to offline users as if they were online.

This should still prevent abuse, without complicating your chatroom or similar chatrooms, since paid chatrooms are not abusing anything.


(If anyone is reading this on the free tier, you can contact us to enable it on a per chat basis. Assuming you’ve been with us for a bit, we’ll be happy to make the change)

Nice, thanks!