i made the pixel smile emoji (if thats the name)
i could try making more of these but theyd have to be default and like others wouldnt it be +pixel if its implemented

Interesting, not sure how +pixel could work without needing to create a new variant for all of the eyes/mouths we have, as well as hairdos.

Maybe these should be entirely different emoji? Such as :pixelsmile: or :pixelfrown: — something like that?

Are you familiar with making vector graphics / SVG?

I’ve never done vectors/SVGs, and what i used was pixelartcss.com, :pixelsmile: or :pixelfrown: could be easier to implement now that i realize.

Got this working:

Works with all of the accessories too. Here’s a mushroom hat & scarf:


Bunny ears:

Santa hat:

Effectively everything that currently exists, or that I add in later, will be automatically pixel-fied.

Currently slated to arrive in the shop on July 15th, 2024, for 256 coins (+1up if you can guess why!)

I’ve also added it to @bitpixel for free since you suggested it :slight_smile:

(EDIT: I messed something up on the forum and reset this date to August 2nd for some reason… this was actually posted on October 23rd)

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i like how it looks, a lot

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