Partitioned Cookies

We now support Partitioned Cookies / “CHIPS”

For the past few years, many browsers have blocked third-party cookies. Minnit has been able to navigate around this through a multitude of ways, including “Tap or Click to Join the Chat” which would spawn a first-party window.

However, the recent change in Google Chrome in 2024, and more browsers in the future, allows for cookies to be Partitioned. So if you own and you embed Minnit, and users login to the chat there, then their browser will store the cookie as “>”. Those cookies will work without issue, and without the users needing to do anything, as long as they are interacting with the chatroom on

So today, we have just released an update that stores cookies in this way, on all chatrooms, if the user in question’s browser supports Partitioning. See the “Can I Use” page for a full list of browsers where this method is used.

This should give a better charting experience and allow users to stay logged in more often



Now applies to Safari as well, using a different method. This applies to macOS, iOS, iPadOS, and, if you’re on the cutting edge, visionOS.

You will see “Tap or Click to Join the Chat” once again, then, after doing that, the cookies will be transferred to the new system, and you shouldn’t need to do that in the future.

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