New: Silently Drop Messages

Chats on the Pro/Business tier can now have messages silently dropped if they contain a phrase. See Chat Settings->“Advanced” to set this up.

As stated, currently it’s only for Pro & Business subscribers. I’ve notified some of the owners about this who’ve had issues with repeated troublemakers, and will get their feedback on whether or not it helps. Depending on feedback, I’d be happy to bring this to lower tiers, assuming the feature stays relatively simple (no guarantee that it’ll remain simple though…)

For those who have access, give it a try and please let us know if it helps! :+1:

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After some fine-tuning of the feature with owners, the way it works is now settled.

As such, I’ve now extended this feature to all tiers (including Free). Check it out in Chat Settings → Advanced.

Those who want a record of users who use a blocked word, or want the chat to actively ban these users, should set up the Auto Moderation in the Bot, on Basic tier & higher.


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