New emoji have landed

Minnit is now rolling out our new set of emoji. As of today, all Organizations have the emoji, while we continue working on finishing the rest of the emoji available to non-Organizations.

The new emoji has a much more modern and clean design, but there’s even more to the story: the new emoji introduce an entirely new internal re-write that handle the rendering process, now utilizing SVGs instead of Canvas. The current Canvas emoji were designed from day 1 to be customizable, and I’m really thrilled to have been able to provide that same level of customization to the SVG format using our new proprietary code.

This code allows a single emoji to have the skin tone changed, hats and hairdos to be added, glasses to be worn, and even the eyes themselves to be changed. Minnit is one of the only platforms around that allow the emoji themselves — not just large stickers — to be customizable to this degree.

We still have quite a few emoji to convert over before all non-Organizations can use the new SVG emoji. Once done, all of your customization, as well as customization set by your users, will carry over to the new setup.

Afterwards, we plan on introducing new ways to get upgraded emoji without purchasing coins, and more frequent new emoji; stay tuned for that. :wink:

Happy chatting!

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More changes now live:

  • We have brought back the classic animated (dance) in response to owner feedback from several chatrooms. The new disco-themed dance emoji is now (disco).
  • The Bot now has its own emoji style:

Coming soon:

  • Hats and hairdos will be separate, so you can wear a hat as well as hair.
  • Accessories and eyewear will be separate, so you can wear things like a headband or bowtie alongside your glasses.