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I’m a Bit Confused How Do I Pause Chat? Ive Tried /pause And Similliar Commands But I Cant Pause My Chat. So How Do I Pause My Chat? Or Do I Need To Upgrade To Pause Chat?

Pausing the chat requires you to be on the Basic tier or higher.

On the Free tier, you can make the chatroom private using the Privacy options in Chat Settings — this will prevent Visitors (unranked users) from joining, until you change the setting again. This can be useful if you’re away for awhile.

ohhhhhhhh darn though,

though I would suggest putting pause into free since Minnit already has a lot going for upgrading chats

Each time a message is sent, our servers need to determine whether or not the chatroom is paused. If your chatroom is on the free tier, that’s an easy “no, it’s not paused, continue dealing with the message.” If it’s paid, we have to check whether the chatroom is paused or not, and also check if your rank allows you to speak regardless of pause status.

We continue to optimize our services, so much so that we’ve even increased our user limits on some of our tiers in recent years, and brought features that were on higher tiers down to lower tiers (see this, this and this )

If we instead focused on bringing paid features to the free tier, rather than improve the paid tiers, that wouldn’t be benefiting the customers who pay us monthly or annually. That’s not fair to them — especially since we don’t run ads & don’t sell user data, so our company cannot function on the free tier alone.

In the current era, where prices continue to increase and customers are being squeezed tighter and tighter, I think it’s important for Minnit to continue improving the platform for existing and future customers, and continue to work to give them a better deal. The free tier is certainly important, because we want Minnit to be accessible to people who don’t have anything to pay — but I hope you understand why we can’t bring every feature to every tier.

Like Little Things For The Starter Chats And Then Put Like More Of The Bigger Things For The Paid Plans.

That sounds like what @Jesse already explained… Some features, everyone can use, and then ones like pausing that require more coding stuff, are for customers…

TBH, I love that Minnit doesn’t do ads or sell user data, and that they are focused on making a fair value for customers. Privacy is very important to me!!!

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And Im Guessing Slow Mode Is Under Paid?

And Also About Notifications How Would I set them up?

Tbh What I Meant Was Like Slow Mode/Pausing Under Free.

And Also That Does Make Sense And Is True Since Also For The More Technological Stuff To Be Put Under Paid But At The Same Time You Know?Though This Is where I’m confused: Bot Commands.

Hilarious that you say:

“Not Really Necessarily All Features Brought To Free Tier”

Then you proceed to list almost every feature that the free tier doesn’t have. :man_facepalming:

now i feel like an idiot no lie

Don’t feel bad, we appreciate all types of feedback, so we can continue improving our services. :)

Since the initial question was resolved and everyone seems to understand one another, I’m going to close this topic now. Feel free to open a new one if you have any other questions or suggestions.

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