IP check without needing them to post in chat

Right now in order to check someone’s IP they need to say something in the chat room. It would be better and more intuitive if I could get that information by clicking their name in the members chatting list.

I agree, would be a lot easier to get rid of trolls…

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Are you looking to quickly check existing members’ IPs, without having to find their message first? If so, would something like “Last spoke using IP [xyz]” be helpful?

Or are you looking for a way to view IPs of users before they speak? If so, why? Privacy laws (GDPR/CCPA) are particular about this sort of thing, we’ve had to strike a very careful balance based on prior guidance. So we’ll have to ensure that any changes comply with these regulations…

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I’m talking about knowing before they chat, because as the other responder alluded, one of the problems I’m dealing with is trolls. And being able to identify the troll before they blow up the chat would be useful.

Regarding privacy, obviously that’s extremely important. But people who register on my forum have their IP recorded, and I know any website I visit captures that information about me, so I don’t think having the chat know that detail would be measurably different from those.

I mean, when I entered this website, before I made my post, hadn’t you already captured my IP? Maybe you didn’t, but if not I think that would be the exception.

I’m not well versed in the laws regarding this, but experientially, I don’t think my IP is considered private when I make the decision to visit a website, and I would think that would include the chat.

Just my two cents.


Thanks for your suggestion & letting us know how this will help.

After doing our part w/ legal due diligence, we’re proud to announce that the requested feature is now available for all Organization chats. Assuming you have the “View IP” permission, you will now see this just beneath Ban when clicking a user, if they’re connected.

If the user is connected on multiple devices with multiple IPs, all of their IPs will be listed in this overlay.

Community chats and higher will also see where the IP originated from, just like when viewing IPs from messages.


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Thanks very much, Jesse!