this is the best chat website ever we love it

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Thank you! How long have you been using Minnit?

If you could change 1 thing about it, what would you change?

[If you could change 1 thing about it, what would you change?]

We run Minnit on a hobby WEB Radio site using the FREE package. Would love to partake of the advantages of a paid package, but, prices being what they are, our budget doesn’t allow for it. Considering that server rental and bandwidth costs are low, I would reduce the monthly fees; the rationale being that such reduced fees will result in more sales, which should result in an increased net cashflow…

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I also use the free package, I do agree that plans could run a bit more lower.

@Speedy55 @LuciStG With our feature to allow others to help contribute to upgrading your chat we’re going to add a new tier (“Lite”) to fit between Free and Basic. That way, it’s easier for one or two users to pitch in, and your chat to immediately receive extended user limits and other things.

What sort of features would you like? I was thinking custom emoji could come down from Community to Lite+Basic (with a less generous limit compared to the higher plans), but if there’s something folks want more, I’m willing to consider alternatives :)

Also would like to rope @DestructiveBurn into this

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I like that. That’s very cool of you. Minnit is such a nice place, which allot of times you don’t get that with a chat place such like chatango. I do like them you just may wake up with gross images on your account lol
I like how involved minnit is and how you don’t get that here.

I am not sure what can be added yet. I am not a personal fan of discord. But I know people like to add their voice to chat, maybe people can be rewarded in that way with voice abilities for so many minutes. The more you give the more voice minutes. Personally I like the idea of a chat podcast. I want to do a blog talk radio thing, but I don’t want to personally use my voice or phone. I need a chat room solution. Could work well with the channels or organizations chats. Give money and get minutes to do something like that.

Hi Jesse. Indeed that would be lovely. I have used other services in the past that did support such a thing. However not for a chat. But I do have some ideas for you.

I would personally not bother with emojis. More chat features will end up getting unlocked anyways and that’s extra pointless coding for just supporters only. Besides, you have paid for emoji sets anyway.

One simple thing is, just like your staff minnit logo, you can change that to an “S”

You can have that link to a supporter page with how to become a supporter and why they have that logo. If the person does not want to publically show it, I would add an option in “Chat Preferences” to disable the logo from the name.

That would be more simplistic in coding. Or you can do the Rank shapes to be an “S” but I am betting the first option would be best. :wink: That would educate about it and maybe make another chip in.

Chatango has the option for unlocking premium emojis, font and font background colours but that would be pointless if the chat already has those features unlocked. I am curious as to what all would unlock though as you have said this.

Will it be Basic features that would be unlocked? If so, that would be best.

One simple thing is, just like your staff minnit logo, you can change that to an “S”

You’re right that a separate badge / icon is “simpler” to program than a rank shape, but nothing good comes easy :)

If I were to make it a badge, I had to answer the following question: “What if someone is Verified and contributing? Do we need to add an option for that? Will the Owner be upset if their Verified users lose their badge, or the User be upset if an Owner replaces their badge for contributing?”

Of course, that’s just a concern with the Verified badge; what about in the future, when we’re very likely to add new badges that Owners can set? Do we let them know “also there are actions users can take to grant themselves a badge, and then they can override whatever badge you give them”? How do we determine which badges are more important than others?

These are the questions that I have to think about, so I decided to just make it a rank shape. It’s better for the current product, better for the future, and honestly I think the rank shape looks cool. I won’t reveal it just yet – stay tuned for that – but you can see that even the most “easiest” decisions have lots of other questions pop up. Nothing can be decided lightly.

Will it be Basic features that would be unlocked? If so, that would be best.

Not all of them of course, or else who would buy Basic? But yes, some of the features. 100 users rather than 250 found in Basic; 5 custom emoji (Basic will get 15, Community will get upgraded to 50). SSO coming to all payment plans. Little things like that trickling down, meanwhile the higher tiers still get the “best of the best”, including our new API for Business that’ll continue to be expanded.

Steadily moving forward…

I haven’t used the Organizations version of your chat to WordPress as I already have a different chat that runs on there without any external help. I use Minnit as an “Embed Chat” on my other site. So there are differences in the versions you have. However, looking at that Verified link you have the check badge, you can always add one more like “Support Badge” beside it as you have plenty of room to do so and that one should not be removed by the owner.

The Support Badge should not be removed and be proudly shown regardless of what the owner can say. But yes, if you want to do rank shape, that’s fine as well.

Ok just bring in the font colour changing and 10GB/month,all file types as normal.
You’ll figure it out. Just make it worth it. If you’re cutting features, maybe half price? Either way, good luck! Looking forward to seeing how this will go.

I thought of something last night, chatango has a notif that is sent if you have new chat or dm messages sent to your page there. I was thinking this could help improvement of chatters on minnit if there was a notif of new messages to the chat admin or such like this. This could be a reward feature of supporters, or it could be a power granted to a supported chat or boosted community. Boosted communities could also be a featured community.

I was also wondering if minnit chat would ever have an official chat as well so members of the forum could chat onsite if one existed.
What if Your boosted minnit chat also came with a small homepage add on to be used as a community around your chat, a blog feature or an about page, to feature members of your community for boosting, where they could use the “badges” on their image profile similar to what’s been discussed.

Boosters could have rewards:

  • Badge

  • So many mins. of broadcast voice or video when it is added.

  • Free boosts at their own community for a period of days

  • Featured Members/Boosted Community featured

  • Boosted chat or members supporting to have small community hp attached around their chats.

Just some suggestions.

Happy 4th to all!

Thank you @LuciStG & happy 4th! I’m currently out in North Carolina visiting family. :)

We do plan on adding notifications soon. @Vashishta is hard at work on important backend changes that will be done prior to this being possible.

Having an “official chat” requires more real-time moderation. All of the chat owners reading this can understand that running a chat is an important task, so we’d need to make sure that we could properly maintain it, and provide something beneficial that wouldn’t just be a copy of this forum.

Thanks for the other suggestions as well. I’ve been working on an update for boosters that I think will help them feel more appreciated for their support :) Stay tuned!