FALL in love with new emoji / rank shapes

I’ve updated our emoji:

  • Autumn emoji set released in the shop, includes mushroom hat, acorn face, leaf effect, as well as standalone leaf/mushroom/acorn emoji.

  • Scarf accessory released in the shop. May be the best-looking accessory yet, if I do say so myself!

  • Leaf rank shape released in the shop.

  • Pumpkin emoji (sold nearly ever year in October since Minnit launched) has been revamped. Now has a standalone :pumpkin: emoji with a unique face style. :jack_o_lantern: If you purchased this as early as 2017 you’ll see the new update right away, otherwise wait until October when it returns to the shop.

  • Ghost (also sold previously in October) has also been improved — now has a drop-shadow (easier to see when pure white on a light chat) and has a new floating animation.

  • New halloween-themed emoji set releasing October 1st, joining our typical lineup of Pumpkin/Ghost/Frankenstein/Witch/Zombie. It’ll chill you to the bone!

  • New Pumpkin rank shape releasing October 1st.

  • Several free emoji: Whew, Starstruck, Winkytongue, Astonished, Relieved, Pensive, Pleading, and Facepalm. I’ve also swapped Angry to be your default color :angry: instead of red :rage:. If you still want a quick red face, use Rage instead or continue using the old-school :@ short-code.

Also got a few more scheduled to come out later this year :snowflake: but that’s a topic for another season!

Let me know what you think.


Many more emoji are scheduled to release between now and March of 2024, including a special set of Bat wings for Halloween — getting these wings will be quite an accomplishment, as they cannot be purchased directly from the shop.

To help prepare for the large slew of new wearables, I’ve split up Accessories and Eyewear into separate categories in the Emoji Customization Menu. Now, you can wear Glasses, Monocles, or Eyepatches, while also wearing a Bowtie or Headband. These two categories will be filled out in the coming months with exciting new items.



Hello Santa Claus, add it to the stickers section, it will be very nice

May be fun! We have Santa emoji coming out December 1st.