Embed Code

Whilst working on my site, I went to modify my embed code to make the chatroom larger. In doing so, I noticed a change in the chatroom URL. It used to be “https://minnit.chat/” followed by my chat name, but now has an extra “/c/” as in, “https://minnit.chat/c/” followed by my chat name. Why did this happen?

Hi Carol, hope you & your users are doing well.

Nothing really exciting going on with /c/ — surprised anyone noticed, especially so suddenly. Just long-term planning to make caching easier, if we start getting folks using /c/ starting now, in a few years, maybe we can simplify our caching setup, so only URLs that match the /c/ format need to be cached, rather than the more complicated setup we have now.

We’ll see if it ever pans out that way, but it’s a case of planting a seed today, so it can be a mighty tree in the distant future… Just thinking ahead. :brain: