can we get a hand part for emojis

So basically for the castle emoji set and other sets (i think) there are emojis where you can have your minnit emoji use a sword (castle set), and others (if there are), can we get a hand customization for if we have a set that uses hands. and also, can the parts you get from the set be shown with the set

Good idea regarding the sword. We already have a “handheld” category for Coffee Mug and Easter Basket (limited time item for last Easter), so I’ve added sword to that.

See “Handhelds” in the Emoji customization page if you have at least one item w/ a handheld:

Sword is now an option:

You can also do :wink+sword: in the chat directly.


thank you, it honestly makes me wonder how the coding gets done so fast, as stuff like this, from what i think takes a while

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