can we be able to post mp3s

i want to advertise some of the music ive made here, and some people might also want to post songs they like that way they can make more friends on chatrooms and chat with each other more often bc from what ive mostly seen its pretty dead on most chats. this could probably make chatrooms on minnit more lively

You can upload any file the owner allows you to upload, including MP3 (although it won’t let you play it directly in the chat — you must download it)

Keep in mind that if you upload “songs you like,” that’s likely to violate copyright laws, and you’ll end up getting blocked from uploads, so don’t do that!

You have to buy a streaming and/or distribution licence to share copyrighted music on ANY web channel (many infractions on that rule, but that doesn’t mean it’s OK. Artists also have to pay rent and all…) The specific agency providing such licences will be different from country to country. Here in Canada it’s; SOCAN

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