Add a way for users to "ban" someone, on their end only.

Hi. We sometimes get naughty users in our chatroom while the mods are away. We would like to request Minnit add a way for users to “ban” someone, on their end only, so they won’t have to see their message any more.

For instance, If I am a “Visitor” in a chatroom, and someone is spamming profanity, I can “ban” them from my screen, and carry on the good conversation I was having. I can encourage others to do the same. And… If everyone does it, it’s as good as a ban. :+1:

Can this be considered please?

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Hey Carol,

Thanks for the idea. You’re in luck, actually – Minnit offers this functionality already!

If a user clicks someone’s name and clicks “Ignore”, then they won’t see their messages anymore. This works pretty much precisely as you describe; if everyone in the chat ignores a user, then it’s “as good as a ban”. :)

Be sure to let your users know!

WOW…! Not sure how I missed this. I told my users, and they told me, they’ve actually been using it for a bit…