About partitioned cookies

My radio dj crew uses CCleaner regularly to keep their PC in tip-top shape. As you may know, CCleaner has a ‘sandbox’ of sorts where you can place crucial cookies you want to protect from a cleaning operation.

Now, since the advent of partitioned cookies, Minnit.chat is no longer visible to CCleaner and can’t be sandboxed. Doesn’t seem to affect cookies that were protected prior to the change, but new users cannot protect Minnit.chat from CCleaner. Haven’t tested yet if adding Minnit.chat manually to the sandbox works or not.

Any thoughts on a workaround?

I tested this with both Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome and minnit.chat showed up for me in the options section for cookies I’d like to keep:

If I add minnit.chat and then clear data using CCleaner, it continues keeping me logged in.

It’s possible that the CCleaner version that your user(s) are using is out of date which is causing the issue. Partitioned cookies are relatively new, so it’s possible that older versions may not see these cookies at all.

If your users are using a different browser, please let us know and we’ll look into this.

Also since your chatroom is embedded on your site, it’s possible the partitioned cookies are being associated under your site’s domain, not ours. Worth sandboxing that if they aren’t?

As @Vashishta said, partitioned cookies are new, so some programs will take time to catch up. Despite this, Chrome is forcing it— as of the beginning of the year, 1% of all Chrome users are not allowed to use any third-party (iframe) cookies unless they are partitioned, and that number will continue to increase, with the goal being that 100% of Chrome users will require iframes to be partitioned in the third quarter of this year. Other Chromium browsers (like Edge) will likely follow suit very soon, so our hands are tied and cookies must be partitioned.

If this truly is a CCleaner issue, hopefully they can get it resolved soon, given the imminent wave of partitioned cookies…

I’m on Edge latest edition and CCleaner pro, up to date also. But I noted that problem in some of my user’s PCs using Chrome and CCleaner free edition. Their system was fine prior to partitioned cookies, but minnit stopped showing since the change was implemented.

One of my clients was blocked on her old account and couldn’t generate a new one. I went into her puter, deleted her old cookie and created a new account for her. Upon logging into the chat, I proceeded to CCleaner to sandbox the new cookie, but it was nowhere to be found although it was clearly there in her browser. So I entered Minnit.com manually into the CCleaner sandbox, but didn’t have the time to run a cleanup job to see if it would keep…

Hopefully minnit.chat not .com…

In any case, CCleaner and/or Chrome will need to make the necessary adjustments to work with one another. There isn’t much we can do on our end to get this working; even if we introduce an option to use Partitioned Cookies, rather than make it the default, Chrome is still forcing it on 100% of users by Q3 2024.

Assuming it’s a steady inline from 1% as of January 1st, and 100% by Q3 (let’s say September 30th just to give the benefit of the doubt), we’re currently at over 16%. So if your chatroom has 10 mods, assume 1-2 of them are already forced to use partitioned… And by next month we’ll be looking at 27%.

Yes… I understand the issue, sort of the same as when they imposed https protocol. But it’s still gonna be a biatch until cache cleaning apps get on the same page…

And yes, .chat not .com; was late in the day when I wrote this :stuck_out_tongue: