New emoji revamp coming soon!

Hello everyone.

I wanted to fill you in on the new emoji revamp. This has been a project that’s been in the “early stages” of development for quite some time, but now, with the release of Organizations well behind us, and many features being added to it – including social media logins, the ability to allow users to create their own chatrooms on your Organization, and support for custom domains – I’ve begun active development of the new emoji.

Rather than using Canvas to draw and animate emoji in the chat, the new setup will be using SVGs. These will provide the following benefits:

  1. Ability to use CSS rules to handle repeat animations, rather than requiring each and every emoji to be drawn by your device every frame.

  2. Ability for improved quality when zooming in, or viewing content on a high resolution display.

  3. Ability to scale appropriately when the font size of the chat differs from “default”.

  4. The ability for emoji to easily import external assets, such as static PNGs, GIFs, and more. This means that emoji will be able to be added more frequently in the chat.

While I don’t have a preview of the new emoji as of yet, I will say that they’ll use a more “modern” look. Less gradients, less bug-eyes, and less unnecessary animations.

If you have any feedback or ideas, let me know by replying to this topic! Once the new emoji are released, I’ll allow all users to create a topic in this category.

Stay tuned!


Will we still be able to change the emoji color?

Yes – all customization options will be replicated in the new SVG version.

love SVG thanks for sharing!

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Looking forward to seeing the new emoji! Or is it emojis? :thinking:

Jury’s out

I’ve begun active development of the new emoji

You have made your decision. Is this merely your own opinion, or does it represent the official stance of

I guess you could say I’m non-committal?

I see you’re afraid to pick a side on the important issues. Has political correctness gone too far? :wink: