I am not sure if my idea belongs here but it would be great if minnit.chatworked with single sign on like with sites like, and could have an option to float in the left or right corners as well as embed. I love minnit and i love how it brings people to a site such as ning.

Another thing is going live, will it ever be possible to stream or go live or work with other apps like google meet or blue jeans or zoom?

(This was originally posted in the API thread – I’ve moved this onto its own thread since it’s outside the scope of APIs)

  1. We do offer Single Sign-On support for Organizations on the Basic tier and up. We have plans to bring it to the Free tier in the coming weeks, alongside a much larger update to Minnit. Stay tuned for that.

  2. You are able to embed the chat in a way that “floats” by writing custom CSS on your site. While it’s technically outside the scope of Minnit, if you’d like assistance with setting this up, email your website link to me at [email protected] and I’ll be happy to take a look and write up some code for you to get the iframe floating.

  3. We plan to get more ways to communicate (video/audio/screensharing) eventually, but we don’t have any estimate – it requires a lot of work and re-evaluating our server infrastructure, certainly no easy task. But it’s “in the cards” :)

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I personally am against audio/cam access on Minnit; in fact, we changed to Minnit to get away from chats with cam.

With cams we had a few cases of users abusing (sexually and otherwise) other users. I don’t want to return to policing my user base to flag and eradicate such abusive usage…

Understandable, and completely agree that it has lots of room for abuse. Any video/audio functionality will be able to be disabled by the Owner, just like file uploads.


I personally like the idea even tho I don’t cam allot but it makes a social site stand out. I also like the idea of the minnit chat being a button like minnit messenger, and make the option for it to be docked in the right corner or left of a site as well as embed option, like with wordpress plugin which i use :) But maybe also video/voice can be a paid add on, for specific chats.

I know you suggested i email and so you can write some code and i will see what i can do about that but also include in the option to dock in a corner of one’s website like with the cloudflare app.