Favorite Chats

The “View Your Chats” page is awesome, but it’s missing something!

There should be a section with a STAR icon called “Favorite Chats” where you can view a list of your favorite chats to visit. :star_struck:

Ikr, if that was an actualy option to put on, it would be much more convenient. :+1:

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Good idea. The chat should also show a number of how many folks have Favorited it — not that a larger number will necessarily do or mean anything, but it’d be cool to watch it increase as your chat grows. :+1:

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The favorite button could be a yellow star on the chat.

Only wondering where would it go on the chats interface?

This was my idea but maybe you have some place better.

Might have to wait for the redesign (launching with emoji). I’ll share a preview of that in the coming weeks…

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